5 Days in Peru's Sacred Valley

Over Thanksgiving, our family went on a little adventure to Peru’s Sacred Valley. My aunt, who lives in Lima, invited us to go on this trip with her and for us to get some good quality time together as we get to know Peru better. Peru has such amazing natural and archaeological sites, that we have a long list of places we still want to explore. On this trip, we were excited to bring the boys to experience Machu Picchu,… Read more »

One thing I’ve learned in recent years is to find people I trust to help me with my (many) weaknesses. Skincare is one of those areas for me. I am at an age where my lack of care and interest has caught up with me though. Many years of not protecting my skin from the sun left me with sun spots and hyper pigmentation that just doesn’t look great. As I shared in THIS post last year, once I discovered… Read more »

Summer Project: Entry Refresh

Remember when I said I was going to challenge myself to update one room in our home every month? Murphy’s Law states as soon as you declare something on the internet, you must eat your words. You didn’t know that? Yeah, they changed Murphy’s Law recently. Well, better four months late than never, right? Today I want to share how we freshened up our small entry over the past few months. This past summer I decided to focus on freshening… Read more »

My Podcast Subscription List - The Outside & In

My Podcast Subscription List Through an unfortunate turn of events, I recently had to start over with my podcast subscription list. I got a new phone, which promptly fell in a river within a few days. Sad, but par for the course for me. When I went to activate my old phone again, none of my old podcast subscriptions were saved. Which meant I had to start over. Podcast subscriptions are the best because just like subscribing to your favorite… Read more »

Have you checked out Ballard Designs recently? In the past few months I have been working on several styling and decorating projects that have been keeping me busy sourcing products. Time and time again, I find myself on Ballard’s site. I am blown away with how this brand has evolved through the years. Do you remember when their catalog was filled with roosters and harlequin? I do. You used to have to dig hard to find the gems in their… Read more »