Welcome to what I hope will be a regular series for the blog, “Step Inside”. One of the most inspiring things for me is to step inside people’s homes and see their personalities shine through. My hope is to share some of these homes with you and the inspirational people that live in them. Here we go! My friend Julee lives a few blocks down from me, in the heart of the historic district of downtown Ocala. She lives in… Read more »

The boys currently share a bedroom because we use the only other one as a playroom. For the past few years, that has been a great setup for them and us. However, I can see as they are getting older that we may need to give them each their own room. Their shared bedroom is quite small, and as their clothes and interests are growing, it is not as easy to combine both of their things into one small closet… Read more »

I have recently started a new book called “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work“. This is a little gem of a book that features dozens of artists, current and from centuries ago. Instead of focusing on their lives or achievements, this book only dives into their daily habits. Sounds like a mundane thing to focus an entire book on, but it is fascinating! There are only a few pages dedicated to each artist, which makes it easy to read and absorb. Things mentioned include what… Read more »

  Last weekend I attended (MAKE)R Weekend, hosted by my friend, Mandy. Mandy is an unbelievably talented artist who creates the most stunning ceramic creations. In addition to her talent as an artist, what sticks out about Mandy is her soul. You can see it in her work, read it in her writing, and the words she speaks. In Mandy’s words, this is how (MAKE)R started and what it is all about: “It was several years ago that the idea… Read more »

If there is one thing I know about myself, it’s that I am very slow to make decisions, and quite often overthink myself into decision paralysis. One example of this indecisiveness is with my bedroom. I’ve been looking for something to put over our bed for years. Finally, I found, not one, but two options I am excited about. OPTION 1 – Crate & Barrel’s Sunflower Mirror   OPTION 2: Wisteria White Antler Wreath   In my search to find… Read more »