Last year was my first year creating a reading list. Looking back on my list from 2016, I read 5 of the 11 books on theret. I’m pretty happy with that. The reading list helped me identify the books that were piquing my interest most at the beginning of the year. I used it as a loose framework. But when I got an excited about another book, I felt totally okay to deviate. With that in mind, here are the… Read more »

Best 3 Books I Read in 2016

Looking back at this post from last year with the best 3 books from 2015 makes me so happy. Those 3 books still influence my life on a daily basis. I feel like I read a little less than usual in 2016. Or it might just be that I didn’t review as many books on the blog. Some of the books I read and liked but didn’t get to review on here were “Rising Strong”, “Why Not Me?”, “Present Over Perfect”, and “Start… Read more »

Recent Read: The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey - The Outside & In

I recently finished reading “The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed” by Jessica Lahey. As soon as I finished the introduction, I knew this book and I were going to be a good fit. I had highlighted most of it 🙂 I’ve noticed one of the quickest ways to get people gabbing is to ask them about their childhood. More specifically, how they were raised and then compare it to… Read more »

September Favorites The end of September is upon us, and there are a bunch of random things I want to share with you. Not all of them are worthy of an entire post, so I thought maybe I could do this at the end of each month to recap some fun things I’ve been into lately. I am loving the SkyFit audio fitness app! My friend recommended it to me (thank you Becca!) and I have been using it quite a bit when I… Read more »

Recent Read: Small Giants by Bo Burlingham - The Outside and In

I recently finished the book, “Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big” by Bo Burlingham. This book was on My 2016 Reading List, so I was happy to be diving into it. Having worked under a variety of different management styles and cultures, I am so curious how some companies get it right while others miss the mark. Not that I am planning on starting a company in the near future, but if ever I did, I… Read more »