Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg

I recently finished reading “Smarter Faster Better” by Charles Duhigg. Duhigg is also the author of “The Power of Habit” which I reviewed HERE. “Power of Habit” rocked my world in my awareness of how habits run our lives. Even though it was not on my 2016 reading list, as soon as I saw the cover for “Smarter Faster Better“, I was intrigued. To top it off, Charles Duhigg was the special guest on The James Altucher Show podcast recently, which… Read more »

Review for The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

Over spring break I read “The Obstacle is the Way”, by Ryan Holiday. You may recall it was on my 2016 reading list that I posted about HERE. The book is small in size and length, and the chapters are too. It was the perfect little book to bring to the pool and still keep an eye out for the boys. I learned about “The Obstacle is the Way” through podcast interviews with the author, Ryan Holiday. After listening to interviews… Read more »

Growth versus Fixed Mindset

Although I saw it on the bestseller list for years before I picked it up, I finally read Mindset by Carol Dweck a couple months back. I think the clinical look of the cover made me think it was going to be boring and perhaps over my head. After coming to the realization that there had to be some pretty valuable content for the book to have the longevity it is having, I finally started reading it. I’m so glad… Read more »

My 2016 Reading List

A new year has me looking forward to new reads, so I recently decided to compile my 2016 reading list to share with you. For me, part of the fun of reading and learning is the anticipation and excitement of getting a new book in my hands.  I get most of my book ideas from listening to podcasts, whether the guests be the authors of the books, or titles that a guest may have mentioned. Usually, if I hear about a book from… Read more »

Since we are just days away from closing out 2015, I wanted to take the next fews days to recap my favorite books & podcasts from this year. Today I will reflect on the best books that sat on my nightstand. For some reason, I have been reading a lot more non-fiction lately, so my top three happen to all be in that category. Best 3 books I read this year: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I absolutely loved everything about this book and… Read more »