Essentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

The past 3 months have been a bit of a whirlwind for me as I took on a big project in addition to my regular work. Despite the fact that I pretty much went into “monk mode” to make sure it came out successfully, I did manage to still dive into some very interesting books, podcasts and classes during this time. One of these books was “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown. At first, you might think… Read more »

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on our favorite picture books. Last time it was our favorites that make us laugh. This time, I am featuring stories that nurture creative spirits. Notice I didn’t finish the sentence with “in children”? Have you ever heard this quote by Pablo Picasso? It’s one of those thoughts that has really stuck with me since I heard it. The fact is, I am not sold on the idea that just some… Read more »

One of my greatest joys in having kids is getting to dive into children’s books with them. My boys know I will stop whatever I am doing to read to them if they ask. Picture books are extra special because we value the illustrator as much as the author. A well-illustrated book with a good story is like hitting gold. Today I wanted to share some of our family’s favorite picture books that make us laugh. There is real talent in… Read more »

I have recently started a new book called “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work“. This is a little gem of a book that features dozens of artists, current and from centuries ago. Instead of focusing on their lives or achievements, this book only dives into their daily habits. Sounds like a mundane thing to focus an entire book on, but it is fascinating! There are only a few pages dedicated to each artist, which makes it easy to read and absorb. Things mentioned include what… Read more »

When I saw this book featured at several different bookstores, it looked super interesting. I couldn’t wait to dig in. I finished it several weeks ago, but I am glad I took a couple weeks to decide what I thought about it. I’m not going to give you a full synopsis because 1) you can find that on Amazon, or 2) I am sure you just want to know if it is worth reading or not. The short answer to… Read more »