3 Nights in the Peruvian Rainforest - The Outside & In

I am glad to be finally posting a recap of our time in the Peruvian rainforest a few weeks ago. Before Christmas gets here I wanted to share some pictures of where we stayed, what we did and some overall thoughts on the experience. How did we end up in the rainforest over Thanksgiving weekend? Well, first, I am from Peru and still have quite a bit of family living there. My aunt Pierina and I were talking last year, and… Read more »

Last weekend my mom sister and I took a little trip to Atlanta. I recently celebrated a milestone birthday, and taking a girls trip was a fun way to commemorate it.  You can never go wrong with some good food, shopping and sightseeing. Atlanta has always been a bustling city with things to do, but they seem to have really stepped up their game in recent years. Having explored the Buckhead area and downtown several times already, we were curious to check out some… Read more »

Exploring Downtown Gainesville - The Outside and In

I recently spent several days exploring downtown Gainesville while my kids were attending science camp at the Cade Museum of Creativity and Invention. The weeklong day camp lasted from 9am-2pm, so instead of driving back to Ocala, I decided to stay in Gainesville during that time. I am so glad I did because I found several new (to me) spots to share with you today. While Gainesville is only 35 minutes from Ocala, it has such a different vibe. Because it… Read more »

Today I will wrap up our California trip report with a few details on our last stops, including camping in Big Sur. As you know, not all things go as planned. And this is the part of the trip where we had a little glitch and had to change the itinerary a bit. One Night in Santa Cruz After we left Yosemite, the plan was to camp in Santa Cruz for one night, and then continue south onto Big Sur via… Read more »

Yosemite National Park Trip Report - The Outside & In

Today I am continuing with a recap of our family’s recent trip to Northern California. After 3 nights in San Francisco, we rented a camper van (more details on that later) and drove 4 hours to Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is the fourth national park we have stayed at in the past few years. It seems to us that to really get to know a park, there is nothing better than living there for a few days. That experience is completely different than driving… Read more »