In my last post I described the reasons why we enjoy getting away to St Augustine a couple of times per year. Today, I am just going to recap our top recommended things to do and  places to eat. Before I get started, I should address St George Street. It is basically the main pedestrian drag down the historic part of St Augustine. This little road is where all the tourists pour into. And because of this, it is probably… Read more »

Last week we spent a week at the beach near St Augustine. It was wonderful and just what the doctor ordered. Although we love traveling to new places very much, this is the other type of vacation that we love – a home away from home type vacation. For seven days, we were together with no work, no school, no scheduled activities and no chores. Talk about a needed refresh. We pretty much stay for a week at the same beach… Read more »

Brian has been telling me about the concept of microadventures. The idea is to not only wait for the big adventures in life that come every once in a while, but to find ways to incorporate smaller, more attainable adventures into your daily lives. This idea really resonates with us. So with that in mind, we decided to have a little family microadventure this past weekend. On Sunday, we went on a day trip to Orlando to attend the Maker… Read more »