Master Bedroom Update - The Outside and In

A while back, I shared how I was getting back on the one-room-per-month home update wagon. January and February were all about letting go of stuff and playing the Minimalism Game. So starting in March, I was ready to tackle some home updates. The room I chose to focus on was our master bedroom. It actually went on into April too. But that’s okay, right? At least I stayed focused on one room instead of ADHD-ing all over the place as… Read more »

Living Room Refresh - The Outside & In

As I discussed in THIS post, I am trying to just focus on one area of our home per month to help combat the paralysis that sometimes comes with wanting to do too much. Today I wanted to share the progress we made with the living room in March. I knew going into this month that I was not going to have a large budget to get new furniture. We are dying to replace the oversized chairs against the wall with a… Read more »

Max's Bedroom Refresh - The Outside & In

Today I want to share with you the progress made in my 7-year old’s bedroom in the past couple of months. It was supposed to be my home project focus for February as you might recall from THIS post. For those of you who might wonder why you are just hearing about this room in April if I was supposed to be done by the end of February, well…there was a little battle between perfectionism and progress. In the end, progress won, but… Read more »

Ben's Bedroom Refresh - taking one month to refresh and update the room

As I mentioned in THIS post, I am experimenting with a new approach to home projects around here. Instead of tackling a huge list of “to do’s” for the entire house, I am experimenting with focusing only on one room at a time. Not a complete makeover, mainly just tackling as many improvements as I can within a limited time and with limited budget. January’s focus was my oldest son’s bedroom. Up until December, both boys shared this room. They agreed that… Read more »

A few weeks ago I was looking through some old photos and came across photos of our house when we bought it. Hard to believe, but it was seven years ago. Today, I thought I would walk through the renovations we did and show you some photos of the main living space. Plus, I will share some of the changes we are still happy with today and the ones I wish we would have done differently. There were some major things we… Read more »