n Pursuit of Buying Less & Doing More - Young House Love Has a Podcast

It’s been a while since I shared my favorite podcast of the week. I certainly have not stopped listening to all my favorites, but it wasn’t until I heard Dana Miller on the Young House Love podcast that I felt compelled to share this most recent podcast episode. This week’s episode recommendation is: “In Pursuit of Buying Less & Doing More” on Young House Love Has a Podcast. To give you a quick background, Young House Love Has a Podcast… Read more »

The best podcast episode I heard this week was AirBnB’s Joe Gebbia on the “How I Built This” podcast. The podcast features “innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built.” The theme of the podcast hits on several of my hot-button interests: entrepreneurship, marketing, and the behind-the-scenes of successful organizations. As I scanned through the available episodes, I decided to listen to the one featuring Joe Gebbia, the founder of AirBnB. I am guessing you are… Read more »

September Favorites The end of September is upon us, and there are a bunch of random things I want to share with you. Not all of them are worthy of an entire post, so I thought maybe I could do this at the end of each month to recap some fun things I’ve been into lately. I am loving the SkyFit audio fitness app! My friend recommended it to me (thank you Becca!) and I have been using it quite a bit when I… Read more »

The best podcast I heard this week was Episode #179 of the Tim Ferriss Show: “What’s Important to You?” This episode was not your typical Tim Ferriss Show format, in which he interviews a world class performer. Instead, Tim chose to share an audio chapter from Ryan Holiday’s new book, “Ego is the Enemy”. I have not read “Ego is the Enemy” yet, but I have definitely been curious about it. Ryan’s last book, “The Obstacle is the Way” which I reviewed HERE,… Read more »

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

The best podcast I listened to this week was Episode 202 of Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert. In fact, this particular podcast episode is probably my favorite in a long time. Friend, you have to listen to this episode as soon as possible. It was that good. The Magic Lessons podcast is an extension of Elizabeth Gilbert’s phenomenal book, Big Magic, which I reviewed HERE. I also declared it one of my favorite books of 2015. In each Magic Lessons episode, Liz Gilbert has a one-on-one phone call… Read more »