Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I mention that I would like to start posting twice a week on a regular basis I go a whole week without posting anything! I have a million things I want to share with you, but I am realizing¬†the posts don’t get written unless I sit down to actually type them in ūüôā¬†Let’s start with some of my recent highlights and favorites:

February Favorites - Amber Interiors Before and After

February Favorites

  • No one does the boho California aesthetic better than Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. She recently¬†revealed the photos from her Client Oh Ojai project and it is absolutely¬†her best work yet. Every single room is to die for. I love the colors, texture, and natural light in the space. Doesn’t hurt to have one of my absolute favorite interiors photographers capture the project either.¬† If you want to see a wild “before and after”, check it out.
  • Last year I tried out a new approach¬†to¬†home projects that suited my easily distracted nature.¬†I would only allow myself to make changes in one space for a month at a time.¬†The restriction of not getting sidetracked by other rooms helped me stay focused and feel like I actually made some progress. I made it through April tackling a several rooms and the exterior, but had to quit in May when I stopped working.¬†I am happy to say that I will be hopping back on that bandwagon again and starting with our master¬†bedroom. I’ll have a post with more details soon. In the meantime, I will say my favorite change has been swapping out our old mirror for THIS one.
  • This week, I opened my inbox and found just the right post at just the right time. I had that experience when I read:¬†“It’ll Be Better When”¬†on Caroline’s blog.¬†I have this annoying habit of committing to something and then spending a lot of time wishing this¬†project/phase/event to be over so that things can get better after. Caroline took the words right out of my mouth on this post. But even better, she throws out some really good actionable steps to help you get unstuck from that mindset.
  • Are you familiar with the term side hustle? It’s basically the name for another income source other than your main job. Well, I have been listening to Chris Guillebeau’s¬†new “Side Hustle School” podcast every day since it came out a couple months ago. It’s one of my new favorites for sure. The episodes average about 6 minutes each, so fitting it into your day is easy peasy. Each day, Chris shares the story of a different person’s side hustle every day. And I love his approach of dissecting the takeaways from each business he features. At the end of the week, he’ll do a longer episode (no longer than 15 minutes) recapping all the lessons learned that week. If you are at all curious about people’s side hustles or like to cultivate business ideas, you will love this podcast.
  • Ever since I got some lessons on skincare from THIS¬†lovely lady, I have been experimenting to see which¬†products are going to be my “go to’s”. Still on the search for a good moisturizer with SPF, but I am loving this toner and this serum. I have already gone back to by seconds of both.
  • A few years ago, I swapped giving up something for Lent for doing something. I like it much better. And you end up having grown in some way at the end. This year,¬†I am spending the first¬†30 minutes of each day reading THIS book. Two days in and I already love it.

I am very much looking forward to March and the beginning of Spring. There are so many projects and ideas I want to jump on and write about! I promise to do a better job of sitting down to get them out of my head. Have a great weekend!