First Post of 2018 - Let's Catch Up!Happy New Year! Although I have not actually hit “Publish” in a while, I feel like I’ve written about 18 posts in my head since the last one. However, the posts seem to be getting stuck in my head and not actually getting written.

My problem is I tend to have so much to say about topics I’m passionate about, that I’m having a hard time finding enough time to write everything down. So then I write nothing. This tendency to write the “all-encompassing” post on every topic is preventing me from writing anything. Ugh.

So in the spirit of not letting perfect be the enemy of the good I’m pushing myself to write more imperfect posts in 2018.

Please excuse the randomness of the following updates but please know this is a “baby step” for me. Here we go!


In addition to the ones I told you about a couple of months ago on THIS post, I have recently subscribed to 2 new podcasts that I am obsessed with.

The first one is Selfie. No, not that kind of selfie. More like self-care. The podcast is the perfect mix of light-hearted banter about lifestyle stuff (like hair, skincare, holiday wishlists) and deeper dives into interesting behavioral topics. When a new episode comes up on my podcast queue, it trumps all my other favorites.

Right now, they are really digging into the Enneagram personality framework. Are you familiar with it? I took the test and apparently I am a #1. Do you know what a #1 is all about!? Let’s just say that it explains why I am my own biggest obstacle in getting anything done.

First Post of 2018 - Let's Catch Up!

In addition to Selfie, my other new podcast discovery is “By the Book”. Tell me if this doesn’t sound like so much fun?…The hosts of the program, Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenburg, pick a self-improvement book (think “French Women Don’t Get Fat”) and dedicate themselves to following it by the letter for 2 weeks. They record a podcast episode sharing their experiences and revelations during the experiment. Then, they record a second episode afterwards reflecting on what aspects of the experiment worked and which didn’t. As an avid non-fiction reader, this is right up my alley.

First Post of 2018 - Let's Catch Up!


Remember THIS post from when I attempted a summer capsule wardrobe? Although I don’t do an official capsule wardrobe anymore, I do try to keep a very limited amount of items in my closet. I do it so I don’t waste time wondering what to wear every day and also because it forces me to really think about what I need before pulling the trigger on any item.

A pair of high-rise jeans in a lighter wash has been on my list for a while now. I finally got a chance to try THESE on last weekend and they were winners. Next on my list to purchase will be THESE shoes. I have the sandal version and wore them all summer and fall.

First Post of 2018 - Let's Catch Up!

Home Decor:

I probably haven’t mentioned on here that I am doing a bit of home decor freelance work these days. That is something I hope to share with you more in 2018.

One of the projects I am working on is a redo of a beach condo in Crescent Beach. I went for a few days to work on it after Christmas and made some good progress. And, I finally got to use THIS IKEA pendant that I have been eyeing for a long time. Can you believe the price?!? It makes me so happy to see it in this dining area. Stay tuned for hopefully a detailed “after” post soon!

First Post of 2018 - Let's Catch Up!

Minimalism Game:

Remember the Minimalism Game I posted about last year? I ended up playing two rounds of it and unloading 1,000+ items from my house. Towards the end of this year I started feeling bogged down by clutter creeping back in. So I’m playing again this January. Today is Day 6! I can tell last year made a big difference because I am not finding quite as much.

If you are interested in playing, all you need to do is read the rules, grab a friend and get started. Somehow the most mundane task becomes fun when it is turned into a game.

First Post of 2018 - Let's Catch Up!


I don’t go to the movies much these days, but I did manage to see two over the holiday break. Lucky for me, they were both excellent. We watched “Disney’s Coco and “The Greatest Showman. Have you seen either of them? Gave them both A+’s. But I must say, my heart is still soaring after “The Greatest Showman”. The soundtrack has been on repeat over here since we saw it.

So, what have you been up to lately? Have you read or listened to anything interesting? Share with me and let me know if there is anything you’d like me to dive more into this year 🙂 Thank you for letting me share in this little imperfect corner of the internet with you!




6 thoughts on “First Post of 2018 – Let’s Catch Up!

  1. Dee pomponio

    The minimalist game has really helped me start off 2018 like no other year. Thank you for starting such a great group.
    Happy New Year,
    Dee Dee


    1. Ale Post author

      I’m so happy to hear that, Dee Dee! I am amazed at how much of an impact it makes for me too. Happy New Year!


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