March Favorites - The Outside & In

Hi friends! I hope all is going well in your world. Last month we went on a family road trip for Spring Break. The boys got to see snow coming down, which, for Florida people is a big deal. The cherry on top is that on the way home we picked up our new puppy! “Doug” joined our family last month and he has been such a good, chill little guy. Thank goodness for that! Wait til he eats one of our sofas. I might be singing a different tune.

As enjoyable as Spring Break was, I am starting to get a little stressed thinking about the field trips, end of the year festivities, teacher appreciation gifts and all the other sweet traditions that alone are great but in combination, not so much. Instead of worrying about what’s ahead, I thought I’d look back on the things that made me happy in March.

March Favorites

March Favorites - Abstract: The Art Design

  • I am absolutely LOVING a new show on Netflix. My aunt Pierina, whose Lima apartment I featured HERE, emailed me a few weeks ago recommending this show called Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix. Each episode features one designer from a different field – interior design, graphic design, illustration, shoe design, etc. The production quality of the show is an art form by itself. Honestly, the episodes are just visually inspiring to watch. Then, you add these incredible artists who share a piece of their soul as you get a peek into how they do what they do. You may not think you know the featured designer by looking at the episode title. But you’ll be familiar with their work. For example, the stage designer has worked on Beyonce’s tour. The shoe designer happens to be the person who made most of the Air Jordan designs. The photographer has pretty much photographed every recent president and celebrity you can think of. Mind-blowingly good I tell you. Here’s the official trailer to whet your appetite. You can thank me later 🙂
March Favorites - Vital Proteins Veggie Blend

Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend

  • I try to hold back talking too much nutrition on this blog, but I am a total nutrition nerd and I can’t help but share my new obsessions. In a past monthly favorites post, I shared how I was totally into Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. This tasteless colorless powder contains only 100% collagen from grass-fed cows. Last month, Vital Proteins announced a new product created in partnership with Dr Sarah BallentyneCollagen Veggie Blend. This new product combines the pure collagen peptides with 11 organic fruits and vegetables (mostly vegetables). And nothing else. Each serving not only includes the collagen our bodies needs, but 3 servings of vegetables too. I really love getting so many veggies in before lunch. If you decide to pick up the Veggie Blend, you will need to blend it with water, half a banana and some frozen berries to make it taste pretty good. Being that it is loaded with so many vegetables and no added sugar, it needs a little help to make it more palatable. But it’s still way easier than cutting up produce all day long!
March Favorites - Wonder by RJ Palacio

Wonder by RJ Palacio

  • As I mentioned earlier, we went on a little Southeastern road trip over spring break. One of the things I knew would be key to making the hours in the car fly by was getting a good audiobook that all of us would enjoy. We ended up downloading the audiobook of Wonder on Audible while we were in Asheville. It was the perfect choice. Have you read it? The author created an entertaining story with so many positive messages woven throughout. Without going into all the details, it is a story about a boy with genetic facial deformities who attends school for the first time as a sixth grader. In addition to hearing things from his perspective, many of the chapters are written from the perspective of his friends and classmates. The hours flew by as we listened to Auggie’s story in the car! All four of us gave it two thumbs up. I would recommend this book to anyone with kids 8+. And we definitely endorse the audiobook version as well.
  • So you may remember from THIS post that my March home update project was my master bedroom. Are you wondering how it came out? Well, I don’t have any pictures to show because I decided to continue the project into April. Reason is I decided to  get the chair in the corner reupholstered. The color was an unfortunate mustardy brown that was just not helping anything. And I stumbled upon THIS blue fabric on Tonic Living for a great price. I decided it was worth dipping into April’s timeline and budget to get the chair done and finish up a few more styling details before calling it a day. Stay tuned for the update report and photos soon!

March Favorites - Cleansing Oil

  • Are you familiar with One Love Organics? I’ve been curious to check them out since Beth mentioned this line as one of her favorites in her skincare post. In the process of looking for a good “clean” cleanser, I decided to try their Vitamin B Cleansing Oil.  I am loving it so far because it really helps take mascara off PLUS it smells like you are smothering delicious pineapple on your face.

What’s been on your radar lately? Let me know what’s been bringing a smile to your face these days.