Today, I am so happy to be able to share little bits of a lovely time-crafted home of a good family friend. Maria and her family moved to Ocala from Argentina almost 30 years ago because of her husband’s job to manage a horse farm here. It’s the same reason we moved from Peru 33 years ago.

While her children are now grown and living on their own, Maria and her husband Ignacio still live on the farm at the same home they moved into 30 years ago. This home is aesthetically beautiful, but when you realize how much of the beauty, charm and character come from Maria’s resourcefulness, it is truly inspiring. Through the years, with her own two hands, she has created a place that truly reflects who she is. That seems to be the common thread to homes I am drawn to: a reflection of the owner showing through in their home.

What I admire most about Maria is her “can do” attitude with projects in her house. Like many of us, she has wishes and wants for her home. Instead of letting budget derail her, she figures out how to do what she wants, and then jumps right in. I am not just talking about paint either. This talented lady has built her own back porch, resurfaced her fireplace, built and reupholstered her own furniture, sews her own drapes just to give you a few examples.

I hope you enjoy stepping inside this serene home in the country and that you can “meet” Maria through the images and her own words.


You’re home has so much character. What do you think it says about you?

I think it says everything about me because I never try to imitate or follow trends or rules. It is just what and how I like it. It is like wearing white after Labor Day. Just do it if it feels right for you.


Do you have an approach for furnishing and decorating your home?

It is not really an approach but some crazy need to have everything balanced. I like pairs and hate diagonals. Love clean lines. I do not like plants in the house, but love what nature gives you for free like pine cones, branches or stones. In my home, flowers and plants stay outside since that is were I like to be the most.


How would you describe your aesthetic/style?

Simple and straight. Never a ruffle. Furniture mostly bare. I like a room painted the same color on all four walls. And definitely easy to clean.


You are extremely talented and fearless when it comes to DIY projects around your home. Have you always been this way? How did it start?

Since I was very young I took every oportunity to change things my way. When my parents traveled, as soon as they left, I was in town buying paint and brushes. Upon their arrival, they would find that doors or walls were a different color and furniture would be rearranged. I also loved helping my mother with the garden. She taught me to sew and knit. She made us help in the kitchen and cleaning the house.

In my own house I try to take on changes I what I want on my own. Whether it be  a simple molding to building a deck or resurfacing the fireplace with concrete. Every project is a challenge since I actually do not know how is the best way to do it. But I have perseverance. Lots. And I always finish what I start.


What traits draw you to others’ homes?

I admire good craftsmanship in every style and every part of the house…floors, cabinets, mantelpieces. I do not have the luxury of such things in my own home, so I get creative in disguising imperfections.



Where do you find home inspiration and ideas? 

I am very creative but love windowshopping, Pinterest and magazines. And of course from traveling.





What do you splurge on in your home? Where have you saved?

My only luxury inside the house is the furniture I inherited and brought from Argentina. OUTSIDE is where I really splurged. I have this amazing yard which has evolved during the years. Working in the yard is my therapy and exercise and results are much better than paying a gym o therapist.


She is not kidding about her yard and gardens. It really does deserve its own post, and hopefully that will be coming in the future.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and letting us step inside your well-crafted home Maria!