30 Day Minimalism Game - The Outside and In

Have you heard of the 30 Day Minimalism Game? I recently completed The Minimalist’s 30 Day Minimalism Game in January and the experience was quite positive. In fact, so positive that I am doing it again this month! Who would have ever thought that decluttering and tidying up could have been not only fun, but also (dare I say) addictive. Whenever the topic comes up, people usually react quickly to say 1) “I need to do that!” or 2) “There is no way I… Read more »

Do you remember a few months ago when I posted about my friend Bonnie’s windowless classroom? Previously the 7th & 8th grade history teacher, she is now the middle school counselor. For the past month and a half, we have been chipping away at her inherited guidance classroom, with still a few more projects left to go. We are taking a little pause for the next month, so I thought it would be fun to give you a progress report today. If you recall from the original… Read more »

Living room closeup

Today I am happy to share another neighborhood family home with you. Beth and her family have been living here for quite a while, although they recently went through a bit of remodeling to suit more of their current lifestyle and needs. The changes they made were simple, but truly refreshed this home. Beth was so kind to let me come in and take some photos and especially for providing me my own adorable photo assistant while I was there. I… Read more »

The next step in my journey after decluttering my closet and then deciding to take on a capsule wardrobe approach was to select the pieces that I wanted to carry me through this summer. I used the use categories I identified on THIS POST to build a framework for a loose “uniform” for each category. I have no illusions of Vogue knocking on my door to be their new style editor. It is an exercise using my individual taste to ensure… Read more »

After using this book to inspire me to really get rid of any clothes that did not bring me joy any more, I was left with very few things. This offered me a perfect opportunity to attempt a capsule wardrobe approach for this season (summer). I first learned about the concept through Jess Lively’s podcast last year. She interviewed Caroline Rector, the creator of the blog Un-Fancy and the person responsible for really making it a “thing”. She recently stopped blogging,… Read more »