Over the past year and a half, my friend Amanda has been working on renovating their new (to them) family home. When they purchased the 1970’s home back in the Fall of 2015, Judd and Amanda fell in love with the layout of the home as well as the property that surrounded it. They knew they would want to update it to fit their family’s style and needs though. Slowly but surely, Amanda and Judd have been working on transforming the… Read more »

Today I am excited to share the most amazing renovated ranch home in our neighborhood. And even more inspiring than the transformation the house went through is the story of the people who live there. I’m honored to share the photos of the house and the story of this special couple who lives here. A little backstory: Lorraine and her husband David have been on quite the adventure the last few years. Prior to the recession, David worked as a residential… Read more »

A few weeks ago I was looking through some old photos and came across photos of our house when we bought it. Hard to believe, but it was seven years ago. Today, I thought I would walk through the renovations we did and show you some photos of the main living space. Plus, I will share some of the changes we are still happy with today and the ones I wish we would have done differently. There were some major things we… Read more »