Have you checked out Ballard Designs recently? In the past few months I have been working on several styling and decorating projects that have been keeping me busy sourcing products. Time and time again, I find myself on Ballard’s site.

I am blown away with how this brand has evolved through the years. Do you remember when their catalog was filled with roosters and harlequin? I do. You used to have to dig hard to find the gems in their catalogs. Not so any more.

Although I would still categorize Ballard Designs as traditional furnishings, their products are fresh, clean-lined, and textured. In my opinion, they are elevating traditional better than anyone else in this price range. No more stuffy grandma pieces here.

Below are ten items that I have recently recommended to my styling clients. These are the pieces that keep catching my eye over and over as I search for unique but classic furniture and accessories.

Ten Ballard Designs Favorites

10 Ballard Designs Favorites

1. Arbre de la Vie Art – If you have a spot in your home to put a large piece of art, I would definitely recommend you go for it. Ballard has dozens of options, but this one is my favorite. I love the graphic design juxtaposed with the aged paper cutouts. I saw this piece in the store and could not believe the quality for the price. No matter which artwork catches your eye, go big for the most impact!

2. La Jolla Woven Tray -This tray is the perfect piece to break up a large solid surface. For example, a large black coffee table or even a glass coffee table. You will hear me say it again and again, texture is the name of the game when you want to create a cozy living space.

3. Ancient Grecian Vases – When you see the words “ancient” and “Grecian”, the last thing that comes to mind is modern. But that is exactly the impact these gorgeous vessels have. Look at the photo of the mantel above. The vases are the stars of the show, right?

4. Jute Urn – Looking for something interesting to style your coffee table or entry console with? This jute urn is the perfect accessory. Not only are the lines simple and clean, but it is functional too. And of course it adds texture which is always welcome & needed.

5. Petite Morning Light Art – Ballard has bumped up their art game significantly. In addition to large scale pieces (like the Arbre de la Vie above), they are now carrying a bunch of smaller scale framed pieces like this one. The little green landscape would work perfectly as part of a gallery or even layered into a bookcase.

6. Hartwell Apartment Sofa – The Hartwell is probably the most modern sofa that Ballard carries. The arms are straight and don’t roll out which often adds bulk. In addition, you can customize it with dozens of different fabric options which you can try out online. It’s so much fun to see the personality of a piece change with fabric alone.

Ten Ballard Designs Favorites

7. Sheffield 8-Light Chandelier – If you are looking for a chandelier with large impact that does not block views, the Sheffield is the perfect choice. The scale of this light is ideal for a rectangular dining table. The lines are clean yet traditional.

8. Bailey Woven Chair – Oh man I really want this chair. This is the perfect solution for someone who wants to mix and match their dining table and chairs. Although caned and woven chairs are not new, this silhouette is fresh and modern.

9. Marina Indoor Outdoor Rug – The Marina rug always catches my attention when I search for weather proof rugs. The pattern seems so happy amongst a see of trellis. I ordered the mocha color for our house. And I also included the midnight one in a client’s beach house bunk room design (below).

10. Buffalo Check Lamp Shade – There is no denying buffalo check is definitely on trend right now. However, we usually see it on pillows and upholstery. But not on lamp shades. Pop one of these on your lamp and see how much it changes the look of your room.

Have you noticed Ballard Designs getting better each year too? What Ballard pieces are you loving lately?

Do you need help sourcing “just the right thing” for your home? If so, feel free to get in CONTACT with me about working together to find what you’re looking for.