A few weeks ago, I wrote about Alessandra’s big girl room and designed a mood board for her parents to help with accessorizing the room. If you missed it, you can see the Princess and the Pea inspired room HERE. When I was talking to her mom, Paola, about their plans for the room, she mentioned that her son Luca was wanting to change up his room too. I guess all the commotion and excitement for his little’s sister’s room… Read more »

Today I am finally rounding out the final part of home refresh series I am doing for my talented friend Becca.  She has an open floor plan that combines the living room, kitchen and breakfast nook, which are the spaces we are planning for. We’ve already discussed the living room and the breakfast nook, which brings us to the kitchen today. If you remember, we are trying to make her home brighter, fresher, crisp and clean. Right now there is too much… Read more »

My goddaughter Alessandra, 5, is in the process of getting a big girl room. She is super excited about it, and I am excited for her. Most of the furniture has already been purchased, so I thought I would put together an inspiration board for the decorative elements in the room. Alessandra has quite the colorful personality. She is smart as can be, has strong opinions and has a huge loving heart. She has a vivid imagination (think rainbows and… Read more »

As I posted about last week, I have been working on some inspirational mood boards for my friend Becca. You can read more about it here. Becca is a talented photographer, whose photos are light, bright and crisp. We want to reflect the same feeling in her home. Like many of us, she has an open floor plan space, where the living room, kitchen and breakfast nook are all open to each other. It is a great setup for family life and… Read more »

My super talented friend Becca is ready to make some changes at her home at the beginning of the year. She is in a situation that I think is common for many of us. We neglect keeping up with our home, look around one day, then all of sudden realize that we suddenly hate all of it. Looking at Pinterest, magazines, or maybe someone’s new home, you start feeling like you can’t find any redeeming qualities in your own place. It can… Read more »